The complete independent Voice AI platform

With our complete set of speech and deep learning technologies, our platform provides the foundation to create an intelligent brand-specific Voice AI for any company or industry.

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Your own custom Voice AI

Voysis converts your database to an artificial intelligence your users can talk to – that deeply understands the specifics of your products, services and vocabulary.

Your Data


Your Voice AI


Voice interfaces are meant to make the user experience easier, faster and more intuitive. To deliver this, the Voice AI platform that powers them must utilize a complete approach. So we developed ours from the ground up to be just that, complete.


Our platform uses our own proprietary speech recognition, natural language processing and understanding, deep learning and text-to-speech to power your intelligent Voice AI.

End-to-end modeling

Our ASR and NLP capabilities, built in-house, function together in concert, not as a sequence of steps. This ensures optimum speed, accuracy and flexibility by understanding intent.

Tuned and optimized

When the entire stack is customized for a defined use case, voice systems can be tuned to optimize performance. Over time, your Voice AI gets smarter and more accurate.


Voysis uses the specific data and language that drives your business to train all of our models, ensuring your Voice AI has the highest accuracy possible.

Domain specific

We designed and built the Voysis platform to adapt specifically to the needs of any domain. Combined with your data, our platform understands what your customers say.

Brand specific

Our platform uses your data (entity names, categories, descriptions, etc.) to train the models that power your Voice AI. As a result, it simply knows what it needs to know.

Always learning

You can retrain your Voice AI at any time, using your latest product data. Simply push updates to Voysis using our API or a quick file upload.


Our platform is accessible via API, SDK or Javascript so you can simply push your data through the Voysis Cloud Service and quickly stand up your own Voice AI on:


We’ve created SDKs for iOS and Android to easily integrate into your apps.


We’ve created APIs and Javascript libraries to easily integrate into your website.


We’ve created APIs to easily add to your device software.


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