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Announcing New Voice AI Modelling Center of Excellence in Edinburgh

Peter Cahill

Peter Cahill


I started Voysis with the mission of helping companies create their own voice experiences. Although voice technology has been around for several decades, there’s an opportunity now to truly democratize the experience, and unlock an entirely new mode of interaction.

We started in a office in Dublin, building out a team of in-domain experts who have dedicated much of their lives to speech technology research. As the company expanded, we decided to open an office in Boston to establish a presence in the US.

And today, I’m excited to share that we’re opening an office in Edinburgh, UK, to further expand our AI and modelling efforts.

We’ll be hiring 10 plus experts in the field on a team that will be led by Ian Hodson who joined Voysis earlier this year. Previously, Ian was head of Google's text to speech program and was key in their efforts on Google Maps, Google Assistant and Android voice efforts.

Edinburgh's universities have a long history in speech, language processing, and AI technologies. It is a major hub for talent and we have already kicked off a project with Heriot-Watt and have close ties to the University of Edinburgh.

“We’re thrilled to have Voysis join the growing list of innovative companies putting down roots here in Edinburgh. Peter and Ian are highly respected experts in the area of speech interfaces, and Voysis’ mission is one that is generating great interest and excitement amongst voice experts in the university community.”
-Professor Oliver Lemon of Heriot-Watt University, an expert in speech and AI.

You can read the full announcement here.

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