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Voysis on the mic: the latest podcasts on voice

Ryan MacInnis

Ryan MacInnis

Director of Marketing

As the demand for voice solutions increases, so does the channels in which we hear about all of the amazing things going on in the space. Within last year, the team at Voysis has been on a number of podcasts and we wanted to list them all below, for your listening pleasure.

The Voicebot Podcast

In this episode, Bret Kinsella interviewed Voysis CEO Peter Cahill. Peter discusses the challenges of voice technology, how text-to-speech (TTS) differs from speech-to-text (STT), how Deep Learning has transformed speech technology, what Voysis is doing in voice commerce and where the industry is headed.

The VoiceFirst.FM Podcast

In the October 26th, 2017 episode of “Artificial Intelligence,” host Bradley Metrock interviewed Voysis CEO Peter Cahill. The discussion covers Dr. Cahill’s decades of experience in voice and speech processing, how Voysis got started, how Voysis interacts with clients to manage data and glean insights that will inform the construction of voice services, and much more.

The Mashable Podcast

Ian Hodson, the former head of Google’s TTS team and now a distinguished architect here at Voysis, was interviewed on The Mashable Podcast. Mashable’s Jason Abbruzzese and Freia Lobo joined to talk with Hodson on the voice space, what the future will be like and the evolution of voice and AI interfaces.


This Week in Voice Podcast

Host Bradley Metrock sits down with Ryan MacInnis, the director of marketing at Voysis, and Brian Roemmele of to discuss the latest in voice technology news, including Amazon’s experimentation with Alexa skill monetization, Amazon’s controversial IoT-based “Amazon Key” home offering, Google’s 50 new #VoiceFirst experiences for children, Cortana’s growth in number of skills developed for Microsoft’s platform, Adweek’s exploration of Facebook’s data advantage, and much more.


The FutureCommerce Podcast

After publishing our report on how voice will impact retail and ecommerce, the FutureCommerce team spent some time chatting about the research and what it means for retail. Mary Meeker’s 2016 report showed that 75% of all content consumption will happen via mobile by 2017, so listen to why voice is not just the future, but the present as well.


The B2B Growth Show

James Carbary sits down with Ryan MacInnis, the director of marketing at Voysis to talk about voice technology and its impact on brands. Listen to why companies should be excited about voice and its impact on the customer experience.


The Small Business Trends Podcast

Brent Leary, the host of the Small Business Trends Podcast, interviewed Voysis VP of Go-to-Market Eric Bisceglia as they chatted about why companies need to get serious about how this will impact customer engagement. And moreso, why 2018 will be the year to integrate voice into retail and shopping experiences across mobile, web, and devices.


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