How it works

Simply put, we combine your data and the Voysis Platform to create a big virtual smarty pants who is all knowing about your brand and products. Think of him or her as your brand personified with a genius level IQ.

Your data

We create a deep domain intelligence specific to your brand or what we call "Brand AI" using the data and language that drives your business. Whether it's a product or music catalog, the Voysis generated Brand AI can be compiled almost instantly.

Product information

Leverage product details like names, SKUs, descriptions, images, tags, reviews, ratings and more.


Customize experiences with access to user profiles, preferences, history, demographics, technographics and habits.


Listen to what you users want by analyzing what they're asking for. Voice interfaces avoid the constraints of a graphical user interface.

Our Platform

The Voysis Platform comprises it’s own speech recognition, natural language processing, natural language understanding and text to speech capabilities. We do not employ an antiquated component based approach and as such we do not use or license any third party components. The tightly coupled Voysis speech recognition and natural language capabilities leverage our proprietary deep learning engine, which we designed and developed inhouse. When combined with your data, the unique Voysis platform generates a brand specific intelligence which can be queried using voice or text.

Product awareness

An awareness of your product specific details

Search context

Search based on meaning and not mere keyword matching


The ability to refine search as the user provides more details

Numerical intelligence

An understanding of numeric concepts (e.g. price or size)


Flows permitting the user to change their mind on product details


Add details to an online order like a new address or a different delivery time

Conversational brand experience

Your Voysis generated brand specific intelligence, which can be queried using voice or text can be accessed by your users and customers on mobile, online or on-device.


Integrate Voysis directly into your mobile apps using our SDKs for iOS and Android.


Add Voysis to your website or web app using our complete and flexible REST APIs.


Discover new ways to interface with your connected products and devices using our APIs.

Voysis use cases

Below are a selection of use cases that leverage the Voysis platform to create unique voice driven experiences for specific brands and their users.

Search experience

This voice driven ‘search’ example showcases a brand-specific intelligence created by the Voysis Platform for an eCommerce company with 1.4 million products.

Transact experience

Using our voice driven ‘transact’ capability the user can quickly move from home screen to checkout within this on-demand mobile delivery application.

Listen experience

This voice driven ‘listen’ example shows the ability to customize your music experience based on context, mood and time.

Health and fitness experience

This voice driven ‘health and fitness’ experience highlights an instructional interaction with the ability to capture health information and access trends.

Automotive experience

This voice driven ‘automotive’ example extends the driver’s control with hands free manipulation of all of the car’s native features.